My camera lens mostly focuses on capturing the beauty and resilience of nature. In 2019, I started experimenting with composite photography, where I blend components of two or more of my images to create artwork of surreal fictional landscapes.

To open photo galleries of Flora & Water, Nature Composites, or Wildlife, please click on the photos below.

Where can you find my work?

Eco-friendly Photography Art Cards

Eight shops in London and Stratford, Ontario, have purchased more than 1,000 of my handcrafted art cards.

Photography art cards featuring images of Canadian rural and urban landscapes are available at the Oxford Book Shop, Shop at Museum London and Curiosities Gift Shop.

You receive a card that is…

  • Perfect for framing
  • Blank inside – suitable for any occasion
  • Handcrafted and signed
  • Environmentally friendly, with linen textured cardstock and envelopes made of 50% recycled and 15% post-consumer waste enclosed in compostable bags made from plants.
Rebecca St. Pierre kicks off our Visual Art category with her beautiful composite photography “Light Pursuing Flight.” This absolutely gorgeous piece is as breathtaking as it is beautiful!

~Cloud Lake Literary Magazine (@CloudLakeLit)